Bus routes to College Green Medical Practice B31 2GH

Information from your home to College Green Medical Practice

  • 48 bus,  Woodland Rd Northfield B31 to Swarthmore Rd, 

To Tugford Rd 1) footpath leads to the Bournville Gardens site 

or  Walk to Middle Park Rd and walk towards Bristol Rd South turn right 

  • However if travelling from Cotteridge it goes via West Heath 
  • 27 bus  Bunbury Rd to Cob Lane 9 min walk to Bristol Rd south 
  • 42 Bus Cotteridge island to Northfield Bell Lane then 61/63/ X20  to College Green 
  • 18 bus to Northfield bus along Bristol Rd to College  Green 
  • 11C Watford Rd to Selly Oak X20/61/63 to College Green 

Ring and ride 

Ring and Ride is a door-to-door transport service for anyone who lives in the urban areas of the West Midlands who find it difficult or impossible to use normal public transport.

Customers can use the service for travel for the same purpose they would do on normal public transport such as commuting to and from work, visiting friends, shopping and leisure activities, to visit someone is hospital or for healthcare appointments.

Write to us:

Ring and Ride
National Express Accessible Transport
80 Park Road
Birmingham B6 5PL   Call us:  0845 271 0455

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