For 23 years we have provided liquid nitrogen based cryotherapy. We had to cancel the last clinic because our supplier had run dry and they have decided not to keep this anymore. We have endeavoured through local GP contacts to find another supply. However, all the GP’s in our locality and wider areas have stopped providing this service as it is deemed cosmetic by NHSE.

Links are provided from reliable sources: a) warts and verrucas are caused by Human Papilloma virus and eventually we create immunity to them or there are over the counter treatments that are available widely (*get-file.ashx ( b) seborrheic or senile warts can be left alone unless they catch on clothing (*Seborrhoeic Keratosis (, c) skin tags are said by NHS England to be cosmetic Skin tags – NHS (, d) Actinic keratoses (early sun damage) can be dealt with by NHS GPs with creams. These need to be seen by ourselves as there is a small chance of them becoming skin cancers.

I am sorry that we can no longer help you in the way we used to. The NHS will not accept referrals for this type of problem, discussed in the Procedures of Limited Clinical Value (PLCV) documents (ACI_1781_Policy for PofLCV_Leaflet_2015.12.22_SPREADS_nc_V6.pdf (

Some patients take cosmetic problems to practitioners in the private sector. There are a number of providers, some in the larger hospitals and some in smaller clinics or ‘rooms’ and Private GP’s.

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