The current sites of Granton Medical Centre and BG Health (Griffins Brook Medical Centre and Bunbury Road Surgery) are either not fit for purpose or do not meet the current standards expected for a GP surgery, and moving to a single, purpose-built site will allow the practices to offer their patients the best possible healthcare, with additional space available for current and future services.

The approximate walking distances from the existing surgeries to the new site are:

  • Granton Medical Centre – 1.4 miles·        
  • Griffins Brook Medical Centre – 0.3 miles·        
  • Bunbury Road Surgery – 0.9 miles.

We are committed to ensuring that patients have access to high-quality, local primary care services and the current sites are either not fit for purpose or do not generally meet the current standards we would expect for a GP surgery.

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By moving we would be able to offer our patients modern facilities in a “neighbourhood hub”, allowing integration with other local primary care services such as mental health counsellors, district nurses, physiotherapists, health trainers and Back to Work support workers, as well as additional car parking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the proposed new premises?

It will be located at College Green next to Bournville Gardens B31 2DN.

When will the relocation take place?

The current estimated date is Summer 2020.

Will I have to reregister with the practice?

No – your registration will continue.

Will your practice boundary change?

No – We will keep the boundary the same.

Will you continue to do home visits for house bound patients?

We will continue to do home visits for terminally ill patients of for those whose health will deteriorate with travelling to the surgery.  

Will I still be able to see my preferred GP?

Yes – All the GPs will relocate to the new premises.

How many car parking spaces will be available?

70 spaces have been allocated for the Health and Wellbeing Centre

What buses go to the new premises?

Enter your location to find out 

Will BG Health and Granton Medical Centre merge to form one practice?

The practices plan to merge and work together to provide a first class service to patients. 

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