The Royal College of General Practitioners Report on GP Consultations and Continuity of Care states that by 2030 GP consultations will be at least 15 minutes. Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “It is abundantly clear that the standard 10-minute appointment is unfit for purpose. It’s increasingly rare for a patient to present with a just single health condition, and we cannot deal with this adequately in 10 minutes.

“We aim to deliver truly holistic care to you, considering all the physical, psychological and social factors potentially impacting on your health.”

15 minute consultations are here already.​

We don’t want to keep you waiting until 2030.

We can only do this by having more time this depends on us having more time to spend with patients, and the resources and people to allow us to do this. The increase in the consultation time will result in fewer GP appointments overall. However by treating patients more holistically we hope they will not need to see the GP so frequently.

Remember to use the “Self Care and Help“, “Self Referrals” and “Symptom Checker” on the website. This will save you time in accessing the correct advice and services first time and reduce unnecessary GP appointments.

Too busy to attend the GP surgery? Try our Video Consultation

We understand that it can be difficult to organise commitments around your GP appointments and this is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our Video Consultations. We are currently testing it on a select group of patients and hope to offer it soon to all online users.

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