Date: 11 April 2019

Chair: Dan Hill


  • Website
  • Recall system for medication reviews and long term conditions
  • Update on Practice Merger and Relocation

Location: Griffins Brook


Jean Thierry, Donald Hitchcock, Wilf Squires, Joyce Hurst,Roy Stove, Morfudd Knight and Donald Knight


Suzanne Ibbetson


Discussed the new practice website
  • Concerns listed included it was difficult to find the link for repeat prescriptions/ online services.

  • A view was patients key priority was the online appointments and prescriptions link to be clearly visible.

  • Roy also raised a point about when he attempted to complete a form a message said the date was not in the correct format but it did not state what the correct format was.

  • Dan explained that idea is to encourage patients to consider options before making an appointment. Please do keep providing feedback on the website to or via the website. We can make changes.

New recall system for Long Term Conditions and Medication Reviews
  • New system calls patients for annual reviews on their months of birth (unless they stipulate another month they would like their review on). Practice will send invites by text, email or post depending on patients preferences. – the practice preference is email or text for environmental and cost reasons.

  • We are hoping we will reduce the number of visits patients need to the practice with the new system highlighting all the patients conditions.

Merger and Relocation
  • There is progress. Funding is in place for the relocation to College Green. The Developer Assura is waiting on a Heads of Terms lease agreement with the practices (Granton and BG Health) and agreement for Bournville Village Trust to take back ownership of the Griffins Brook Site. The move date is estimated to be around the summer of 2020.

Next meeting – 1-2pm on Tuesday 9th July @ Bunbury Road Surgery
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