Wed 16 Oct 12:30 – 13:30
Griffins Brook, B30 1QN

Attendees: Jean Thierry, Joyce Hurst, Stuart Morton, Roy Stove, Wilf Squires, Willemina Morton, Daniel Hill.

Linda Dai, Carol Morgan, Sipwe Takura, Sandra Haynes


  1. Video Consultations with Livi
  2. New Premises and Merger Plans
  3. Flu Campaign
  4. 15 minute GP appointments
  5. AOB
  6. Next Meeting 12th Feb 2020


  1. Video Consultations – The practice has signed up to trialing GP Video Consultations through a company called LIVI who
    are using their own GPs to deliver the service. Patients must download the app and register. ( this involves scanning a
    driving licence or passport onto your mobile and taking a selfie). Patients can then access GP video consultations on
    evenings and weekends. Any feedback to Dan would be appreciated.
  2. New Premises – building has started on the new premises at College Green. The scheduled completion date is Jan
    2021. The practice is planning to merge with Granton Medical Centre in May 2020. This will enable the practices to have a
    fully joined up service by Jan 2021 so the relocation will be a successful one.
  3. Flu immunisations – Uptake has been poor so far this year, especially in the 18-65 at risk cohort. Practice will send
    invites to all patients by post, sms or email.
  4. 15 Minute GP Appointments – The change from 10 minute to 15 minute GP appointment slots has had no negative
    impact (longer waiting times to see a GP). GPs are no longer insisting on seeing patients for one problem only. The aim is
    for a more holistic consultation than the 10 minute slot allowed for; thus reducing the need for patients to book again to
    see GP.
  5. AOB – closing lunchtime and requesting test results. Joyce raised the issue that patients can only call between 11 and 12
    for test results. Dan agreed to have a afternoon slot for patients to call for test results also. The practices preferred
    method for patients to check test results is online.
  6. AOB – referrals for X rays. This requires a GP to do a referral. Patient takes the referral to UHB where they have a walk
    in clinic.


  1. None

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Next meeting
12.30pm on Wednesday, 12th February 2020 at 108 Bunbury Road.

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