What you need to know?
Although most boys recover well with no problems, like all operations circumcision carries a risk of harm. You should fully consider the risk and if you still want to proceed carefully choose your practitioner.
The NHS only pays for medically-necessary circumcisions – these are rare and do not include operations carried out for religious and cultural purposes.
The General Medical Council (GMC) recognises that male circumcision can be carried out for religious and cultural reasons.

Where can I go to have my son circumcised?
There are a range of circumcision practitioners who can perform operations in Birmingham and Solihull, or in other areas. We recommend that you check that the service you decide to use is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is the regulator for healthcare providers and all circumcision services with doctors or nurses should be registered.

Visit their website at www.cqc.org.uk or call 03000 616161. For details of CQC registered circumcision practitioners, please visit
www.cqc.org.uk search and type in “circumcision” and the area or location.


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