Social Prescribing

Sometimes the answer to improving an individual’s health and wellbeing lies not in a medical prescription, but in ensuring they have company, interests and changes of scene to make them feel connected, motivated and purposeful.

Social prescribing involves exploring and creating opportunities to become more socially and physically active.

The Active Wellbeing Society’s (TAWS) Social Prescribing Programme connects people to free activities that improve their health and wellbeing.

They offer a wide range of practical solutions that include:

  • Help and support for non clinical aspects of health and wellbeing
  • Links to other services such as mental health support, housing, benefits, employment, courses etc
  • Help to get involved with local community groups and local services
  • Dedicated time to discuss things that matter to you

To get involved contact your GP today to book an appointment.

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Tel: 0121 728 7030